This is our group email list. Join this list if you would like to participate in a group discussion with other GAMUG members about Apple hardware, software and related issues. GAMUG list is hosted by MacHighway, our free listserv provider and host for this website. It is available to current members of GAMUG only, and cannot be accessed by anyone outside of our group.

GAMUG list FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
What Happens After I Join?
Our list moderators will receive your application to join the list. They will check to be sure your membership is current, then approve your application. You will receive a confirmation email when the approval is complete. This should take a few hours to a day or so. Then, you will begin getting emails from GAMUG list members.

How Do I Make Posts To The List?
Simply reply to any of the e-mails you receive from the list, or send an e-mail to

Help, I'm Getting Too Much email!
That's the thing about Yahoo Groups, if you don't wish to receive email from the list, you may visit the GAMUGlist Page at Yahoo Groups and change your personal settings so that you will not receive any emails at all. However, you can still view them from a web page at Yahoo Groups. At the GAMUGlist page, you will see a GAMUGlist description, with a link labeled "
Edit My Membership". Click this link to go to a page where you can select your preferred settings. These options include:
  • Individual email messages
  • Digest email messages
  • No emails, view at web site only

Do I Have To Sign Up With Yahoo Groups?
No, you only need to sign up with Yahoo Groups if you want to customize your list options. If you need to change your list options, but don't want to sign up with Yahoo Groups, contact

What is Digest Mode?
Digest Mode allows you to receive one email message which contains a compilation of many messages, rather than many individual messages.

Where Do I View GAMUGlist Messages on the Web?
This is also a great option if you are traveling, but want to keep in touch with the GAMUGlist via the Internet.

How Do I Sort All the Messages I Am Getting?
If you use Eudora or Netscape, use Filters to sort your email. If you use Outlook Express or Apple’s Mail program, use Rules to sort the messages. Each of these programs has excellent on-line help files which explain how to do this. Please look under the “Help” menu heading while you are in your favorite email program for more information. If you are an AOL subscriber, you might prefer to view on the web, or use the digest mode.

How Do I Unsubscribe?
Send an email to

What If I Have More Questions?
Email or best of all ask the GAMUGlist!