Our president, John Connor, has prepared 2 rounds of 10 questions each for our annual Apple Trivia game. The first and second place tables will receive three $15 or three $10 iTunes cards respectively. Bring a guest or family; the more the merrier. You do not have to be a member to play or win. The officers will supply cookies and refreshment. Finally, the evening will end with our selection of the four lucky current members chosen to each receive a $100 Apple gift card in the culmination of our Membership Rewards Drawing.
Follow-up information:
John's Trivia Q&A round 1 - PDF
John's Trivia Q&A round 2 - PDF

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Trivia winners - First place went to Danny Davis, Don Ellis, Robert Levitt and Ron Mueller who split three $15 iTunes cards. The second place table was Steve April, Lyman Johnson and Frank Shirk who received three $10 iTunes cards.

MEMBERSHIP REWARDS DRAWING made four current members very happy, each receiving a $100 Apple gift card. They were Steve April, Lyman Johnson, Lloyd Klinedinst and Steve Maynard.

The General Meeting always begins at
7:00 pm preceded by an informal Q&A period at 6:30 pm.

The next general meeting will be
Tuesday, JANUARY 9. Meeting details are usually posted about a week before the meeting date.
DECEMBER 27 (last Wednesday) ST. LOUIS APPLE PROFESSIONALS - Check out their website for further information.
PLEASE NOTE : Anyone attending the general meeting MUST use door #7 to enter the building. It will be unlocked, the front door may not be. To reach this door, which will allow you to park much closer to our meeting area, take the first left as you enter the parking lot at the stoplight. Continue across the lot to an intersection where you see the busses parked. Continue straight along this bus parking area past several Parkway facilities buildings. On the right is the high school and as you pass various entry doors to the school you will see large numbers on them. Continue around the school building until you reach door number 7. Our meeting room has changed. Instead of the large open area we will meet in a classroom (room 822). There will be better acoustics, a built-in Smartboard and sound, small tables and individual chairs.
Central High Door 7