Rewards Program

Each person who attends a virtual general meeting for the first half of 2024 receives one ticket for each meeting attended. Every current paid membership (current by the beginning of the JUNE 2024 general meeting) also receives one ticket. All those tickets go into a drawing that takes place at the conclusion of that month’s meeting. As long as you are a current paid member by the start of the JUNE 11th general meeting you will have at least one chance to win. Four lucky members drawn from all the tickets will each receive a $100 Apple gift card. (The previous winners are listed on our website.)

image of the $100 Apple gift card

The Membership Rewards Drawing took place at the end of the December 2023 meeting. The winners each receiving a
$100 Apple gift certificate in the mail. They were Glen House, Tammy Koyn, Steve Maynard & David Thorpe. Congratulations.

In the trivia game all players tied so $15 Apple gift certificates went to
Don House, Glen House, Tammy Kohn, Terry Kohn, Robert Levitt, Steve Maynard, Ron Mueller & Allen Thorpe.

All prizes will be received as emails sent by Apple through our treasurer, Allen Thorpe.

The Membership Rewards Program will continue in the first half of 2024.

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