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This page is a list of the General Meeting Topics for the past year and the follow-up links that were posted.

JUNE 2020 -
We will meet using Zoom this month. We have purchased a host so we will not have a time limit. We plan to discuss the newest product announcements from Apple including: the new MacBook Pro, and the iPad Pro with the new keyboard. There have also been software upgrades to iPhone and Apple Watch as well as mac OS Catalina. One of the reasons is contact tracing which we will try to clarify for our members. We will also hold our Membership Rewards Drawing at the end of our meeting. Remember you must be a current paid member before this meeting starts to be eligible for the drawing.
Follow-up information:
iTunes is dead. Here's how to back up and sync your iPhone in macOS Catalina - CNet PDF
8 Hidden macOS Tips & Tricks You Might Not Know! - MacRumors video 4:33
14 hidden iPhone and iPad tricks: Screenshots, trackpad, and a document scanner - CNet PDF

iPhone 13 Leaks, New Black Apple Pencil, 5G iPad Pro with mini LED & More! - MacRumors video 6:37
How the Magic Keyboard won my heart - and my wallet - ZDNet PDF
iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Review - The Best Experience for iPad - Zollotech video 7:39

iOS 14 - Everything to Expect at WWDC 2020 and Supported Devices - Zollotech video 13:02

Apple releases iOS 13.5 with COVID-19 contact tracing feature, Face ID improvements - ZDNet PDF
Apple adds anonymous symptom and health info sharing to its COVID-19 app and website - TechCrunch PDF
Apple COVID-19 information - Apple website
Cleaning your iPhone - Apple support

Apple Plans to Announce Move to its Own Mac Chips at WWDC - Bloomberg PDF
Apple to move Mac to Arm CPUs: What you need to know - ZDNet PDF

MAY 2020 -
We will meet using Zoom this month. The officers used it and believe the audio and video was better. Steve will present a weather app he likes called Dark Sky. It sounds a little ominous but spring weather in our area often lives up to this moniker. We also will discuss the newest product announcements from Apple including: the iPhone SE, MacBook Pro, and the iPad Pro with the new keyboard. As always if you have suggestions for future meetings, please let us know.
Follow-up information:
Steve's Dark Sky weather app presentation - recorded video 13:49
iPhone SE 2020 - Apple website
The new iPhone SE - Apple video 0:58
Apple iPhone SE 2020 review - ZDNet PDF
iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone 8 - CNet PDF
iTunes is dead. Here's how to back up and sync your iPhone in Catalina - CNet PDF
iPad Pro - Apple website
iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Review - The Best Experience for iPad - zollotech 7:39
Apple Magic Keyboard: Floating iPad Pro? - Marques Brownlee video 9:13
Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro review - ZDNet PDF
MacBook Pro 13 - Apple website
Which To Buy? 2020 13-Inch MacBook Pro VS 2020 MacBook Air!? - AppleInsdier video 5:36
2020 13" MacBook Pro Hands-On: Here's What's New! - MacRumors video 4:09
2020 13” MacBook Pro Review - Mobile TechReview video 10:37
Apple MacBook Pro review - engadget PDF
Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro - ZDNet PDF
This is the easiest way to sign PDFs on a Mac - CNet PDF

With the “Stay at Home” order in place, this month we will meet virtually. Our topic is not set in stone, but we anticipate using this meeting for members to discuss how they are surviving the social distancing orders. Since we may be having virtual meetings for a while, it will also serve to see how well we can do this type of meeting. With Google Meet, members can use a laptop or iPad and with Safari or Chrome browsers to join our virtual meeting. You will use the URL and then Ron will send an email at 6:30 pm on the meeting day with the password that you input at that URL. The officers practiced it this past Tuesday and it worked quite well. An advantage of the Chrome browser is that you can download ahead of time an extension to Chrome called GridView that gives you a few extra viewing choices. However, Safari works just fine. The instructions for joining our virtual meeting will also be posted to our website.

MARCH 2020 -
This month our VP, Steve Maynard, will present the steps to follow in order to pay the renewal of your dues with Apple Pay. He also has an app to share that could prove invaluable if you are traveling by car this summer. We also plan to share a number of informative Mac-centric websites.
Follow-up information:
Paying GAMUG dues with Apple Pay - PDF of Steve's thorough presentation
iExit Interstate Exit Guide - iExit helps you decide where to take pitstops when traveling US interstates. It uses your device's location to determine where you are on the highway, and then displays upcoming exits in real time.
Mac-centric websites - PDF of links to a large number of Mac related websites
Apple: This is how you should disinfect your iPhone, iPad, and Mac - PDF of a ZDNet article
Speed up you iPhone by clearing the RAM - PDF of a ZDNet article
The almost-secret hidden iPhone switch - PDF of a ZDNet article
Meet the iPad, your work computer: These 10 apps make real productivity possible - PDF of a ZDNet article

This month we ask for member participation in discussing and showing all your favorite apps for iPhone and iPad. Bring your device which we can connect to the screen so you can show or demo the app. Or you can simply share the name of the app and briefly talk about why you like it. We also plan to share a number of informative Mac-centric websites.
Follow-up information:
A number of members showed and demoed their favorite apps. Click on their names below to check them out:

Waterlogue - captures the essence of your photos in brilliant, liquid color - $4.99
Pencil Sketch - lets you create beautiful pencil and ink sketches from your photos - free
Scannable from Evernote - captures the paper in your life quickly, transforming it into high-quality scans - free
Radarscope - professional’s choice for mobile weather radar - $9.99
Runkeeper - is designed to keep your runs interesting and your motivation high - free
Monument Valley - is a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry - $3.99
Windy - is an extraordinary tool for weather forecast visualization - free
IMDB - find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos of favorite movies and TV shows - free
TV listings - simply enter your local ZIP code to find out what’s on TV - free


Due to a power failure at Parkway Central, our meeting for January was cancelled.

Our president, John Connor, has prepared 2 rounds of 10 questions each for our annual Apple Trivia game. The first and second place tables will receive three $15 or three $10 iTunes cards respectively. Bring a guest or family member; the more the merrier. You do not have to be a member to play or win. The officers will supply cookies but bring your own drinks. Finally, the evening will end with our selection of the four lucky current members chosen to each receive a $100 Apple gift card in the culmination of our Membership Rewards Drawing.
Follow-up information:
John Connor's 2019 Apple Trivia
Round 1 Questions & Answers
Round 2 Questions & Answers
Answer Sheet

This evening we will discuss the new macOS Catalina, what’s new and whether you should install it or wait a while; the new AirPod Pros which have received very good reviews; app tracking; when 5G is likely to be available; and we will begin the night with a presentation on an app that can save you gas money. We also ask members to consider if they have favorite apps on their phones, iPads or computers that they might like to share with the group.
Follow-up information & links:
My Phillips 66 app - PDF of Steve's keynote presentation
Tap Forms 5 - a database program for Mac, iPhone, and iPad
CleanMyMac X - CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one package to awesomize your Mac.
Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro! Reactions + Everything you need to know - YouTube video 7:58
macOS Catalina Review: One month later. Should you upgrade? - YouTube video 8:15
macOS 10.15 Catalina: The Art Technical's review - Ars Technica PDF
mac OS Catalina: Avoid my mistake and wait before you upgrade - ZDNet PDF
Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 13.2 - MacRumors PDF
iOS 13 tells you when apps are secretly tracking you - ZDNet PDF
Apple Debuts AirPods Pro, with 'New Design' and noise cancelling capabilities - Time PDF
Apple's $249 AirPods Pro have noise cancellation, new design - ZDNet PDF
Apple Watch Series 5 review: the king of smartwatches - The Guardian PDF
How to master the Apple Watch Dock - Cult of Mac PDF
Here’s Why You Can't Have 5G Right Away - eWeek PDF
Long for a cheaper iPhone? New SE 2 with iPhone 11 chip 'due early 2020 for $399' - ZDNet PDF
Connect your myQ account to the Key by Amazon App to get in-garage delivery! - MyQ Webpage
The VA is rolling out Apple Health Records to its 9 million patients - Business Insider PDF

OCTOBER 2019 -
Tonight our VP, Steve Maynard, will give a presentation on do-it-yourself greeting cards with suggestions for materials, hardware, applications and downloadables. In addition we will share details and reviews of the newest phones, watches and software updates.
Follow-up information:
Do-it-yourself Greeting Cards - Steve's keynote presentation PDF
10 new iPhone features in iOS 13 - MacMost video 6:48
iOS 13 Top Features & Changes for iPhone - 9to5Mac video 33:36
Using the new QuickPath keyboard - MacMost video 4:32
iOS 13's Apple Maps update makes sure you never feel bad for running late again - CNet PDF
iOS 13: Security and privacy setting you need to tweak and check - ZDNet PDF
iPhone 11 review: The best iPhone for most people - ZDNet PDF
iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max review: The iPhone for camera and battery lovers - CNet PDF
iPhone 11 Specs comparison - PDF
How to back up your iPhone without missing these tricky steps - CNet PDF
Review: Apple Watch series 5 - Wired PDF
Apple Watch Series 5 review: This is the watch I've been waiting for - ZDNet PDF
Apple Watch series 5 vs. Apple Watch series 4: Is it time for an upgrade? - Digital Trends PDF
Apple's iPad OS has arrived-here's how to get the most out of it - Digital Trends PDF
Apple's new how-to videos help us master iPad OS - Cult of Mac PDF
Kuo: Apple to release iPhone SE2 in Q1 2020 with iPhone 8 design, A13 processor - 9to5Mac PDF
Apple in October expectations - 9to5Mac PDF
Sign in with Apple: What it is and How it Works - MacRumors PDF
macOS Catalina now available, here are the top 7 new Mac features - 9to5Mac PDF

Tonight’s presentation will involve a quick turnaround since all of these announcements will be made the same day as our meeting. We hope to show and discuss all the shiny news things that Apple announced earlier that day.
follow-up information:
Notes from the Apple Keynote presentation - PDF
Apple Arcade - Apple site
Apple TV+ - Apple site
iPad - Apple site
Apple Watch series 5 - Apple site
iPhone 11 - Apple site
iPhone 11 Pro - Apple site
Will Apple TV+ be worth it? Here are three full trailers to help you decide - ZDNet PDF
iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max: Everything Apple unveiled and what it means - ZDNet PDF
Here's Everything Apple Announced Today - Wired PDF
How to Decide Between Apple's New iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max - Time PDF
Stop ruining your life and set up Apple Pay for iPhone, Apple Watch - CNet PDF
iOS 13: 13 hidden ways Apple's new software can breathe life into your aging iPhone - USA Today PDF
Apple Watch sleep tracking revealed: sleep quality, battery management, more - 9to5Mac

AUGUST 2019 -
Tonight’s presentation will focus on Apple Pay and especially the rollout of the Apple Card. We will also discuss the implications of Apple’s purchase of the Intel modem deal. There is an Apple scam to beware of and a few predictions about future hardware and software.
Follow-up information:
Microsoft mocks Apple again and it's awkward - ZDNet PDF
Microsoft ad with Mac Book - video 0:30
Apple Card - The Apple site
How to apply for Apple Card - The Apple site
Apple Card released - How to get it first - YouTube video 4:54
Apple Card Unboxing & Impressions - YouTube video 7:04
Apple Pay: How to set it up and use it on your iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac - CNet PDF
The Apple Card is now available, at least for those with an invitation - CNet PDF
Apple Card: My fist day with Apple's new credit card - ZDNet PDF
The Apple Card rollout has begun-with a whopping 10 videos teaching you how to use it - Gizmodo PDF
Apple's credit card has some very specific rules - Mashable PDF
Which iPhone models does the Apple Card work with? - Bustle PDF
Apple's record-breaking earnings report by the numbers - Cult of Mac PDF
Do you make these mistakes with your iPhone or iPad? - ZDNet PDF
Tim Cook: Intel modem deal helps Apple's goal - 9to5Mac Pdf
Apple will end up doing what Intel could not - ZDNet PDF
No, Apple isn't calling to alert you to suspicious activity - Inc PDF
Analysts once again predict Apple pencil support for 2019 iPhones - Mactrast PDF
Apple Maps in iOS 13: Sights set on Google - MacStories PDF
iPhone 11, 11R and 11 Max: Tech specs, features and prices - ZDNet PDF
The latest big iPhone 11 leak just surprised us all - BGR PDF
What's new in Apple's watchOS 6 beta (video) - Geeky Gadgets PDF
Here's how to free up space on your iPhone - Time PDF
iOS tip: How to clear your iPhone's RAM and make it faster - ZDNet PDF
Apple begins selling Moment camera lenses for iPhone - MacRumors PDF
What all the stuff in email headers means-and how to sniff out spoofing - Ars Technica PDF
A look at the new music app in macOS Catalina - MacMost video 7:09
How to do a screen recording on your Mac - MacMost video 6:46

JULY 2019 -
For tonight’s presentation our vice-president, Steve Maynard, will give us a presentation on a variety of gadgets and accessories that you can use with your iPhones and maybe other Apple devices. Secondly, now that the beta versions of Apple’s software updates have landed. We will share some of the feedback that has come out on the new iOS 13, iPadOS, watchOS 6, and macOS Catalina. The Membership Rewards ticketing will begin again for a drawing at the upcoming December GAMUG meeting.
Follow-up information:
Steve's presentation of the latest gadgets and accessories - PDF of his Keynote presentation
Frequently asked questions about macOS Catalina - MacMost video 6:44
What to do about 32-bit apps before updating to macOS Catalina - MacMost video 7:08
What will happen to my media when iTunes is gone? - MacMost video 6:06
macOS Catalina (beta) hands on: Apple's veteran desktop OS can still learn new tricks - ZDNet PDF
I've been using Apple's new iPhone software out later this year. There are my 7 favorite features - Time magazine PDF
iOS 13 will fix the FaceTime eye contact problem - The Verge PDF
iOS 13 and iPad OS: Best new features and how to use them on your iPhone and iPad now - CNet PDF
iPadOS hands-on review - Digital Trends PDF
iPadOS pushes Apple's tablet closer to mainstream PC replacement - ZDNet PDF
Dashboard dead? Apple kills off widget app in macOS Catalina beta - ZDNet PDF
Wallet killer: Why Apple Card is the next best thing to getting an RFID implant - ZDNet PDF
Use iPhone and Windows 10? Microsoft, Apple may have just made your life easier - ZDNet PDF

JUNE 2019 -
Tonight’s presentation will focus on all that Apple announced at the WWDC on June 3rd. The new iOS 13, an iPadOS, watchOS 6. the new macOS Catalina, and the totally reworked MacPro and the Pro Display XDR. Come see what Apple has in store for our devices, which devices are compatible, and when the new software and hardware will be available. We will also have the Membership Rewards Drawing at the end of the meeting.
Follow-up information:
Everything Apple revealed after WWDC 2019 - Brian Tong YouTube video 12:18
Apple WWDC 2019 keynote in 13 minutes - YouTube video 12:59
Catalina, iOS 13, the New Mac Pro and all the good stuff from WWDC - MacMost video 5:23
Apple Kills iTunes: Everything you need to know - PCmag PDF
Apple touts Sign In as convenient without privacy hit - CNet PDF
How to know if your Mac will work with Apple's macOS update this fall - CNet PDF
iPadOS impressions - The Verge PDF
Apple Sidecar: How to use your iPad as a second display for your Mac - CNet PDF
Apple Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR: First look - Digital Trends PDF
The 6 Coolest New iPhone Features Apple Just Announced - Time PDF
Hands-on with Apple's New 7th-Generation iPod Touch - MacRumors PDF
Apple just added crypto support to iPhone - BGR PDF
Apple details how off-line location works in 'Find My' app - 9to5Mac PDF
7 iPhone privacy settings you should enable now - Mashable PDF
How to print contact info to envelopes, lists, and labels on Mac - 9to5Mac PDF

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